As app builder, I value my and your privacy very much. Therefore I have designed Snake '97 to not collect any personal data. The game can run without any special permisions on your smartphone because of this.

App owner

The app is owned and published by publisher "dsd 164 B.V." wich in turn is owned and managed by me, the app builder: Willem L. Middelkoop.

dsd 164 B.V. Dalsteindreef 164, 1102WX Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Dutch chamber of commerce registration number 53888170 and tax identification number NL851059752B01.

Analytics, web statistics and cookies

The Snake '97 app and its website ( do NOT use (Google) Analytics software to track traffic. Therefore you won't get a cookie either, sorry. :-)

Online / Offline

You can use Snake '97 offline as much as you like, there is no online requirement for using Snake '97. Only at the first time you start the game, it needs to load optimised graphics for your device. As there are millions of players (and devices) available, Snake supports a ton of different screen resolutions. To keep the game's storage requirement at an absolute minimum (just a few MB!), the app only downloads those graphic files that it actually uses. No information is posted to the Snake '97 servers as all the game's assets are static (and pretty 'dumb') files.


To calculate the world wide ranking, game scores can be posted to the Snake '97 score server if you choose to use the app online. This is 100% anonymous as the game uses a randomly generated GUID to keep track of your rank. If you like you can reset this by reinstalling the app, anytime. Information that Snake '97 collects for high score validation:


The development of Snake '97 is supported by advertisments from Google and Facebook. You can (and should) check out their privacy statements as their services span beyond the scope of the Snake '97 game:


I implement a variety of security measures to keep the app and website safe. For instance, all communication with the app score server and website requires HTTPS.

Deleting your information

Is as simple as removing the app from your phone.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using

Yours faithfully, the app builder, Willem.